Why Chose Dugan's Travels as your host?

The truth is there are many host agencies out there.  Each host agency offers many of the same things to their agents.  What is different about Dugan's Travels is our agents.  It's the team of people who help run the agency.  It is the relationship we have with suppliers.  It is the events we have with our agents.  It is that our agents become friends and rely on one another.  The difference in what we offer from what other host agencies offer is our core values.  Family is first.  We treat eachother like family.  We have fun together.  We help one another succeed.  What makes us unique is who are.  

Reason #1: Our "Inner Circle" partnership with Travel Leaders Network

Dugan’s Travels is a proud member of Travel Leaders Network's President’s Circle, at the Inner Circle level. As our consortium, Travel Leaders Network offers our agents exclusive marketing, sales, and training benefits —at little or no additional cost.

Marketing benefits:
Membership in the TLN Engagement program.
Listing on Travel Leaders Network's Agent Profiler.
Access to special sales in CruisePro.
Special amenity cruise sailings offering your clients extras they won’t find on the internet.
Higher commissions with TLN’s preferred suppliers.
Technology with easy access to TLN’s Agent Universe, CruisePro, PinSight and Worldwide Hotels, and VAX Vacation Access.
And last but not least, TLN provides Dugan’s agents with excellent training opportunities. From the annual conference, to webinars, to on-demand training and in-depth certification courses, Travel Leaders Network has targeted, professional training for all agents.

Reason #2: We are a Family of Agents

Dugan’s Travels is a nurturing environment that allows individuals the opportunity to grow and develop their own travel business. If you have the drive and will to succeed, our management team and network of agents are here to help you achieve your goals!

Reason #3: Ongoing Professional Development

The best way to grow your business and become knowledgeable in this field is to train. Dugan’s Travels is proud to offer our agents a customized Learning Management System as well as Dugan’s University.


For many years, my passion was to begin a career in the travel business as an agent. I had hoped to one day turn this business into a full-time career and retire doing what I love, yet I was unsure of the probability. Unfortunately, my full-time job provided minimal time for me to do what I loved – something would need to change in order to make this a reality. As I began taking steps towards my goal, my strengths in networking and relationship building became evident, along with my ability to plan unique and memorable experiences for various groups of people. After countless research, I came across Dugans, a host agency that works with home-based agents by empowering them to be successful through multiple avenues: networking, training, approach, and even amenities by association. Dugans is unlike other host agencies in that they desire their home-based agents to be as successful as possible, subsequently building their customer base and reputation and promoting success across every home-based agent's business. Furthermore, Dugans provides a client-based accounting program which can be utilized to keep track of clients, bookings, and commissions in order to aid their home-based agents with every detail of the profession. The decision to work with Dugan's launched me forward, providing me the capacity to work from home full-time, the skills to be more successful, and the luxury of traveling to beautiful destinations; it made possible the future I desired.

Brenda Kettlewell- BDD Travel
Thinking about joining Dugan's? Let me tell you how glad I am that I joined over six years ago.
I began searching and discovered the world of home based travel agents. As I researched the host agencies available to join, I kept coming back to Dugan's Travels. They had a good number of agents affiliated with them, the cost was reasonable, there was training and support available, and they included Errors and Omissions insurance. When I contacted several of the agents listed, they all responded in a positive manner so I made my decision to join Dugan's.

The positives:
  • The initial training I received from Dugan's was a wonderful introduction into what I needed to know to be able to book travel for people.
  • The Dugan's agent page is a great source to utilize. The site provides a wealth of information and is especially good when you are beginning and not sure of things. You can ask questions of other agents as well as management and get answers and guidance from them.
  • The freedom to work from home and keep my own hours is a welcome change.
  • I am able to have my own name for my business and my own website.
  • The ability to do other training through Dugan's, Vacation.com, and the suppliers is outstanding and user friendly. You can choose your own trainings in destinations or suppliers relating to what type of travel you are selling.
  • Endless opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, webinars, and explore your own interests abound. You are your own boss, yet you have the support of hundreds of other agents.
The surprises:
  • It is not simple being a travel agent. There is a lot to learn to do it well and much more involved than I initially imagined.
  • I've learned how to run a business, keep records, market myself, and network with others.
  • Some of the trips I've planned have been very complicated and time consuming, BUT once successfully completed, quite gratifying.
  • Clients now refer me to others and wouldn't consider booking anywhere else for their own travel needs.
  • Every day I learn something new ( I love that aspect of being a travel agent).
  • The notes of appreciation I receive from clients for my efforts are heartfelt and sincere.

If you want to join a team that will help you, motivate you, and you are willing to give it your time and effort, Dugan's is for you. It's much more than a job; it is a calling that is rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling.

Gail Sotrines, Sotrines Travel