Our Team

Jennifer Dugan - Chief Family Officer

Jennifer is owner of Dugan's Travels and is the proud mom of 7. Jennifer is responsible for nurturing the culture of Dugan's Travels and agent recognition and awareness. As the agency owner, Jennifer is also responsible for licensing, state seller of travel regulation compliance, and other banking and legal matters.
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Virginia Busceme - Chief Operations Officer

Virginia is responsible for the business activities of the agency including commissions, agent contracts, invoicing,  Smart Agency (our CRM)  and other business related activities.
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Shari Speer - Chief Supplier Relations Officer

Shari is responsible for developing and expanding Dugan's Travels' relationships with travel suppliers and agent awareness and education on the business, offerings, and promotions from travel suppliers. Shari is also responsible for all Dugan's University seminars.​​
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Carolyn Orf - Chief Development Officer

Carolyn is responsible for agent development for new and experienced agents. Carolyn will continue to nurture agents through Dugan's STEP Program and will oversee and develop Dugan's New Agent Orientation and other agent education programs.​​​
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Melissa Land- Marketing Coordinator

Melissa is responsible for promoting Dugan's Travels and Dugan's Preferred Suppliers through inward and outward facing marketing. Melissa will continue to do prospective agent telephone sessions.
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Barb Cerbie - Agent Advisor 

Barb is every agent's best friend. She is responsible for the agency's help desk and agent forums and works to help agents solve problems and build their businesses.
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Karen Pattison - New Agent Coordinator

Karen works with new agents when they join Dugan's and advise and assist them through the New Agent Orientation program.
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Karlene Penick - Agency Specialist - Contracts and Commissions

Karlene is responsible for contract renewals for agents as well as commission processing.  
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Wendi Carrillo - Senior Agent and Problem Resolution Specialist.

Wendi is responsible for handling issues with agents' clients and provide resolutions for issues.  Wendi also provides support for agents.
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