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Work with a family of agents!

Specializing in Initial and Ongoing Professional Development.
We provide pathways to success for all experience levels. 
New agent?
Experienced Agent?
Somewhere in between? 
The Dugan's Travels host agency offering has something for you!
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  1. Low Startup Costs
    We offer our agents the opportunity to start their own travel business without high start-up costs or excessive fees.
  2. Agent Development
    A simple, flexible and extensive online agent development program and written materials designed to prepare you for a successful start to your business, as well as ongoing opportunities to improve and grow your agency.
  3. Income Potential
    We offer one of the highest-paid commissions available to home-based travel agents! We pay 70% commission to start AND provide opportunities to progressively grow that percentage to 80% upon completion of supplier and destination-based training.
  4. Proven Program
    We give you the tools you need to start a home-based travel business. You supply the determination and willingness to succeed.
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