Our Team

Jennifer Dugan - Owner of Dugans Travels

Jennifer is owner of Dugan's Travels and is the proud mom of 6. Jennifer handles all New Mexico based activities including banking and financial, licensing, insurance and documents. Her goal with Dugan's Travels is to help others succeed in travel.

Virginia Busceme - Operations Manager of Dugan's Travels

Virginia manages the agency's daily operations including contracts, fees, commissions, and other agency business and issues.

Shari Speer - Sales and Training Manager of Dugan's Travels

Shari coordinates and leads the Dugan's U Planning Team. She handles supplier relations and works with Dugan's Agent Advisor to ensure Dugan's agents have the tools needed to build sales and grow their businesses.

Barb Cerbie - Agent Advisor of Dugan's Travels

Barb is every agent's best friend. She is responsible for the agency's help desk and agent forums and works to help agents solve problems and build their businesses.

Melissa Land- New Agent Training Coordinator of Dugan’s Travels

Melissa is responsible for walking new agents through every step of the training process. She is there to answer your questions big or small and works side by side to help you be successful.